Fidelity’s recruitment model consists of:

Comprehensive Package

Under this package, fidelity will take on the full management of the recruitment project. We will partner with your hiring team, design the recruitment strategy and proceed execute deliverables in all key stages until the right fit talent to your organization has been recruited.

Pay per service

This option gives the client the provision to select which stage they require and only pay for the services associated with that process i.e. shortlisting.

Background Checks

Make informed decisions when recruiting having had the following checks conducted:
Work experience
Police clearance
Validation of academic and professional qualifications with relevant institutions.

Recruitment Training for Line/ Hiring Managers

Most hiring managers have to juggle the demands of their day-day deliverables and may not invest the time in effective recruitment practices. We will assist in building capacity of your hiring teams to manage any recruitment need to enable them be aware and apply the universal best practices and avoid the pit-falls associated with bad recruitment.